Get ready to enjoy a talk that engages, informs, entertains AND asks for commitment.

We tailor our 7Q7P talks to your unique organizational needs. If you read something from one of the books that you feel your organization would enjoy or benefit from learning more about just ask and we can easily build a message to meet that need. Anything around Culture, Organizational or Structural consistency and clarity is in play.

Our understanding of the deeper underlying theory, real life experiences, and client stories are vast, fun and engaging.

“Very interesting and practical solutions. Enjoyed it very much.”

“Loved it! It was great to take a deeper dive and gain a more thorough understanding.”

Re-roll out EOS® with the right message. We are ready and happy to share your why message with your company, it is our mission, our passion.

If you have invested in an Organizational Operating System (OOS) implementation like, EOS®, Traction, Scaling Up, 4DX, or Holocracy and it feel like there is just something missing, that it feels mechanical, that there is more, then we are here to help you get your folks to commit and buy in, to get the full return on your investment.  If you are considering installing one of these Organizational Operating Systems into your company, or want to understand your organically developed OOS,  we can help you kick it off with the “Why” your people will understand and embrace.

If you have had success with your OOS and want to spread the word to your trade organization or association, then this is a great keynote. We are OOS agnostic, and will not sell from the stage, only give great awareness and direction.

If you want to anchor your event in employee engagement, retention, empowerment and want a Keynote that helps you bring these big concepts to the ground, giving you a way to make them happen, and to kick off the deep discussions, then we are perfect for you.

If you want to become a 7 Promises, Certified Great Workplace and want to kick it off, why not go to the source.

“We believe an organization, your company is a fiction, only given meaning and power by those who buy in.  If we have 200 people, and 99 buy in to this, and 101 buy in to that, then we have two organizations, and we have already been divided and we are on our way to being conquered.”

To create buy in we need 4 things to come together. 1. Cultural clarity and consistency, 2. Organizational clarity and consistency, 3. Structural clarity and consistency and 4. we must be doing this FOR our people and not TO them.

This is Walt Brown and the 7Q7P sage’s message to organizations around the country. Our commitment is to help you achieve the kind of freedom that comes when you have one single organization full of engaged leaders, happy employees, robust cash flow and dependable predictable profits. We know that with moxie, grit, wisdom, courage, and patience, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Our message can reach a wide audience that includes many different representatives from multiple organizations and it can be narrowed to focus on one very specific single organization.  Industry keynotes or focused company events, he can do them all.

Our 90-minute keynotes follow the outline of the book, journeying logically through the following topics and philosophies:, Engagement, Discovery, working through the Millennial Myth, Irrational Thinking, and, of course, Patience and What is an Organization. We bring a solution to life by tying this all down to what we call your organizational promise, the 7 Promises that are at the root of every effective Organizational Operating System (OOS).  You will leave with actionable steps, not just pretty theory.

If you have a specific OOS, weather it is Rockefeller Habits, Scaling Up, Holocracy, The Advantage, 4DX, Traction, EOS®, or a self-developed system, you want him to “go tactical” with, to speak directly to how the OOS tools link to the 7 Questions, we are happy to make it into a workshop that is interactive with the audience.

If all you need is a 15-minute kick-off or 30-minute lunch talk, we are ready and happy to share the message with that world, it is our mission, our passion.

We know that in today’s lightning-speed business world, patience is the ultimate competitive advantage and we want you to get on the path to a becoming and staying Patient.

Walt Brown’s book, The Patient Organization, is the ultimate companion guide to your OOS, tying it all up in a nice neat bow.

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