Our successful clients enjoy more time, more money and less stress. How? They believe two things:

1) Their organization* is a fiction only given meaning and power by those who buy-in.

* a company is an organization

Clients understand that if you have 200 people, where 99 buy into this and 101 buy into that, then you have two organizations. You
 have already been divided and are on your way to being conquered.

2) Building one singular organization requires an Organizational Operating System (“OOS”).

They believe that an OOS enables every individual in an organization to be able to align with and answer yes to the 7 Fundamental Questions making the OOS something done for them and not to them.

Watch the story behind the discovery
Watch the story behind the discovery

Why do they believe these two items?

Because they do not want to be conquered from within. They have the guts and moxie to become a Certified 7 Promise Organization™, a company that makes and keeps 7 Fundamental Promises™ after answering the 7 Fundamental Questions™. They also believe this because of their ROI reality: Net Free Cash Flow increases, Profit grows and EBITDA grows.

Thornton Brothers in Athens, GA had the guts and moxie to become a Certified 7 Promise Organization.

View thier certification

Watch the 4-minute story behind the discovery that positively improved 100’s of companies and the lives of 10,000+ employees.

Our discovery is 7 Fundamental Questions™ that every employee wants to be able to answer yes to.

We did not set out to find a solution, to solve the riddle, we only wanted to know the why, but, we discovered a solution. Everyone wants to work at a place where they are able to answer yes to these seven questions.

  1. Do I Belong? Yes.
  2. Do I Believe? Yes.
  3. Do I understand and embrace what I am Accountable for? Yes.
  4. Do I understand and embrace how I am Measured? Yes.
  5. Do I understand and embrace how I am Heard? Yes. 
  6. Do I understand and embrace how I am Developed? Yes. 
  7. Do I understand and embrace how I maintain Balance? Yes.

With seven “yeses” comes extreme employee buy-in, engagement, and one single Patient Organization.

The tools are simple and the journey is tough requiring a lot of hard work and guts, but the results are transformative, giving business owners freedom they have never seen before.

Meet our four-step method to becoming the next Certified 7 Promise Organization™.

Our method is four straight forward steps. One of our 7Q7P sages will help you navigate the journey that ends in a Certification once the 7 Fundamental Promises™ are made and being kept.

Some organizations get there quickly (6 months), it takes others 3 years before they can pass the audit for Certification. It takes most 18-24 months. Some never make it.

It start's with a call

All clients start from the beginning with a vetting phone call (or coffee), yes, we vet you to protect the 7 Promise Great Workplace Certification™. A simple conversation may lead to a free 90-minute strategic session and freedom, the freedom that comes when you have the guts to do what it takes to go from good to great. The guts to create one singular organization that is filled with individuals who align with yes to the 7 Fundamental Promises™. Freedom for ourselves, our employees, our vendors, our customers. Freedom that is measured with More Time, More Money and Less Stress.

From there, we will determine where your organization actually is currently on the journey to become a 7 Promise Certified Great Workplace.™ It usually just takes 30-minutes to make recommendations on the appropriate next step. 

  • Assessment of your current system
  • Discovering what “Heavy Lifts” need to be completed
  • Tune-ups or refinements to answer the 7 Fundamental Questions
  • What it takes to be ready for roll out for them, not to them
It starts with a call, are you ready?

You install an organizational operating system "OOS"

At the “mechanical” heart of the 7 Promise Certified Great Workplace approach is your Organizational Operating System (“OOS”).

Your OOS is the system that enables leadership and every individual contributor in your organization to consistently align with and maintain yes to each of the 7 Fundamental Questions.


Good news!

If you have been running a popular Organizational Operating Systems such as EOS® (Traction®), Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits), Holocracy, 4DX, Rhythm, or The Advantage then you may have a significant head-start.

You get ready to make and keep your promise to your organization

How you roll out,  introduce or reintroduce the 7 Fundamental Promises™ effort is important. We coach you through this so you are ready to deliver the promise to your organization.


“Hello, all. Today I am making a promise to myself and everyone in our organization today and tomorrow. From now on I promise to surround you with people who can align to, buy-in to and say yes to these 7 fundamental things. They will say yes, I Belong; yes, I Believe; yes, I…”


  • 7 Fundamental Promises Workshop™
  • Making your promise – Rolling it out
  • Keeping your promise – Installing tools to maintain yes alignment
  • Surveying employees, keeping it real

You become and stay certified

At a minimum, annually, you will be required to administer an anonymous 7 Promises survey for your people, from the survey results will be very specific plans you will execute to shore up where ever you are not strong. If you have a great OOS, this will be easy.  

One of our third-party auditors will work with you to review your OOS and the turning of the waterwheel to be sure you are living up to your OOS commitments. At a minimum Annual Audit Statement will be posted attesting to the validity of your promise, commitment and effort.

You will have a unique Certification Seal you can use that will link back to a secure certification page on the 7Q7P site.

  • Application
  • Annual Audit
  • 7 Promise Great Workplace Certification™ Seal awarded
  • 7 Promise Great Workplace Certification™ Seal maintained


It starts with a call, are you ready?

We are your Organizational Operating System (“OOS”) installation, implementation, continuation, improvement and maintenance sages.

    We help you, your team and your organization get the most from your time and money investment in your OOS. Nowadays, many owners and founders are turning to off the shelf Organizational Operating Systems like EOS® (Traction®), Scaling Up, Holocracy or they are looking to improve their organically derived version. Many feel there is just more that has yet to be tapped especially after a couple of years into implementation.

    What owners have found is that most installations are perceived by people in the organization as something you are doing to them vs. for them.  Without awareness, these OOS installs can feel very mechanical and whip-like to the employee, making them ineffective with poor ROI. We help you flip this script, the ROI is incredible when you get it right, and can be measured in improved Net Free Cash Flow, increased Profit and solid EBITDA.

    Meet the 7Q7P Sages

    Walt Brown, aka "Uncle Walt"

    Walt Brown, aka "Uncle Walt"

    Founder, Author of The Patient Organization, Certified EOS Implementer™

    Uncle Walt was discovered by EOS® in 2007 while riding his mountain bike. Don Tinney, Gino’s Partner in EOS® Worldwide was cold calling business coaches around the country, he Googled “business coaches Raleigh”, found Walt on Google search page 9, and made a call. Walt asked Don: “page 9!, how many guys have you called?” Don answered, “You are the only one.” and, it came from his heart. Walt said: “You are sick, you must believe in something, let’s talk.” from then on the world changed and 150 EOS® clients later we have the 7 Fundamental Questions.

    Allen Cobb, aka "Cobb"

    Allen Cobb, aka "Cobb"

    Co-Founder, EOS Implementer™

    Cobb was on the leadership team of a software company, Magnus Health, hiring Uncle Walt in 2012 and becoming his 28th EOS® client where he was the Integrator. Cobb was a star student, getting the underlying “Why” of EOS®. He has been part of the 7 Fundamental Promises discovery and journey from the beginning. When we tell the Millennial discovery story, Cobb was there, his team was one of the teams we are referring to. He would end up being on the leadership team of four different companies running on EOS® before becoming a Co-Founder of 7Q7P.

    If it weren’t for people, building and maintaining a great company would be easy. Becoming a patient Certified 7 Promise Organization™ is hard work, but well worth it for the freedom it creates. Freedom from more money, more time and less stress for all.

    Before becoming partners with 7P a common frustration our successful clients share is the realization that nothing ever seems to take hold.

    Why? Because their people see all improvement efforts as things that are being done to them, and, not, for them. Is this your situation? Do you know?

    Why do employees believe this? Well, be honest with yourself, because, at root, it is the truth, you are doing it to them or, well, maybe not you, but, enough of your leaders or managers have it so wrong that everyone who reports to them feels this way.

    The script must be flipped, and a new reality must be embraced. We need a method and approach that everyone sees as being done for them as opposed to to them. We must throw the rope and help by pulling; not pushing or whipping. To get any buy-in, people must look at their leaders as being four things: aligned, accountable, authentic and aware, without checks in these four boxes, nobody follows and all is lost.

    How we make it work. All day each of us listens to our favorite channel – WIIFM, What’s In It For Me, as leaders, we just need dial into our folk’s WIIFM and constantly broadcast seven true honest promises… promises we will keep… and continue to keep.

    We are so passionate about sharing the 7 Fundamental Questions™ message that Walt wrote a book about it.

     The “Why” is captured in Walt’s book The Patient Organization, it holds the 7 keys to unlocking the power inside your Organizational Operating System (OOS). Whether it is Rockefeller Habits, Scaling Up, Holocracy, The Advantage, 4DX, or EOS® (Traction), or a self-developed system. It will answer why does EOS work? Why does Scaling Up work? How does EOS work? How does Scaling Up work?  We can measure if it is working from financial results like Net Free Cash Flow, Profits and EBITDA. 

     The Patient Organization and the 7 Fundamental Questions™ will make your Organizational Operating System come alive for your employees.

    “A straightforward compliment to any business or leader using an Organizational Operating System such as EOS, Gazelles, Rockefeller Habits, OKR’s, 4DX, Holacracy or Rhythm. Grounded in years of experience. Masterful, timeless and battle tested tools and concepts that illustrate how to engage your workforce, especially the millennial, which the book describes as a misunderstood and inaccurate stereotype.”

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