Turn your company into a momentum machine.

Cultivate buy-in and maintain perpetual momentum by adding Cultural and Structural clarity and consistency to the Organizational Operating System you already have. Same tools, just a new mindset.

Getting buy-in and turning your organization into a momentum machine is like riding a tricycle.

What if you already have an Organizational Operating System like EOS®, Traction, Scaling Up, or Holocracy?

Beautiful! You have started the journey, and our analogy of a unicycle vs. a tricycle (the momentum machine) might resonate. You are in the right place to maximize the investment of time and energy you have already made in your operating system by adding the “two back wheels” of Cultural and Structural clarity and consistency.



    Operational Unicycle


    Momentum Machine

    Tricycle Clarity

    “We keep losing momentum, I get dragged back in to the day to day and I hate it.”

    We work exclusively with leaders of people who want to break the exhausting “momentum loss cycle”.

    We have a core belief that an organization is a fiction, a fiction that is only given meaning and power by those who buy-in to it. If you have 200 people, and 99 buy-in to this and 101 buy-in to that, then you have two organizations. You are already divided. We want a single organization where everyone buys-in to the same thing. To create this singular buy-in, your organization must have clarity and consistency in these three areas:

    1. Operational clarity and consistency
    2. Cultural clarity and consistency
    3. Structural clarity and consistency



    Operational Clarity and Consistency comes from having a well defined and repeatable Organizational Operating System (OOS) in place. Every company has one at root, but often it is not named, or codified and just lives an organic life of its own.


    They say: “Culture eats execution for breakfast.”  Who are “They”?  Have “they” ever run a company, had to make payroll, really experienced the pressures of ownership? Nothing is more frustrating than mushy,  acedemic culture  approaches.

    Structure Back Wheel


    Two questions need to be answered from two perspectives. 1) A CEO wants to quickly understand: “Who is doing what and why?” 2) An Employee (Individual Contributor) wants to be able to easily answer: “What am I doing and why?”

    Every human is asking these questions about work:

    1. Who are we?
    2. How do we operate?
    3. Where do I fit in?

    When your people can understand and embrace all three of these areas with clarity and consistency, they will buy into your organization. Our 7Q7P family of offerings – workshops, books, Entrepreneurial Operating System (or EOS® / Traction) implementations, and software – are built to help you get your head, heart, and arms around these three areas, simplify them, and then execute in order to create a perpetual momentum machine.

    Free Tool – Cultural Clarity and Consistency

    How close are you to the company you dreamed of when you got started?

    Take the 7 Question Engagement and Culture Survey™ on behalf of your organization for a quick way to see where you stand currently.

    image of the 7 Question Employee Engagement and Culture survey used to measure the effectiveness of EOS Implementations

    Cultural Clarity and Consistency

    7 Question – 7 Promise Framework™

    What if your people could answer YES to these seven questions week after week?


    1. Do I Belong? Yes.
    2. Do I Believe? Yes.
    3. Do I understand and embrace what I am Accountable for? Yes.
    4. Do I understand and embrace how I am Measured? Yes.
    5. Do I understand and embrace how I am Heard? Yes. 
    6. Do I understand and embrace how I am Developed? Yes. 
    7. Do I understand and embrace how I maintain Balance? Yes.

    Structural Clarity and Consistency

    Organizational Cognizance Model™

    What if your people could understand and embrace this 14 point checklist about their job?


    1. What is the Purpose of my Job?
    2. What Positions do I fill as part of my Job? What is the Purpose of each Position?
    3. Who do I report to?
    4. Who is my Mentor?
    5. Who do I turn to for Coaching in each of my Positions?
    6. What Teams am I part of?
    7. What Meetings will I attend?
    8. What Entities (clients, projects, contracts, etc.) will I interact with?
    9. What Workflows do I participate in?
    10. What Processes will I follow and/or maintain?
    11. What Systems do I interface with and need to master?
    12. What are my Objectives?
    13. What are my Key Results?
    14. What Skills or Competencies do I need now and in the future?

    So where do you start, It’s simple.

    Step 1 - Operational Clarity and Consistency

    Install an Organizational Operating System and you’ll emerge with a clear path for building the Momentum Machine. You, as CEO/Owner, will reconnect your dream directly to the dreams of your individual contributors.

    Step 2 - Cultural Clarity and Consistency

    You’ll gain a deep understanding of the WHY behind the system you run your business on. Then learn how to keep 7 simple promises to  make your OOS something your are doing for your people, not to them. Your organization will thrive.

    Structure Back Wheel

    Step 3 - Structural Clarity and Consistency

    People are engaged when they can answer the 14-point checklist. Work gets done. And you’re surrounded by the people you’ve always wanted. You’re filled with guts, courage and your momentum is a force to be reckoned with.

    Does it sometimes feel like you are running a divided company?

    Do employees feel things are done To them or For them?

    Do you feel like you are surrounded by the team you always dreamed of?

    Does it feel like people might be grumbling behind the scenes?

    Are you sucked back into people problems?

    Does it feel like execution might be slipping?

    Does it feel hard to maintain momentum?

    Does it feel like you are constantly losing steam on new initiatives?

    Does it always feel easy?

    What if things could be different?

    Help your employees answer: "What's in it for me?"

    The people who can add momentum and power to your corporate flywheel are your employees, your individual contributors. The combined weight of their buy-in is critical. We help you flip the script so employees know you are doing things for them, not to them. This will free the load off of you and enable your employees to start and maintain carrying the load.

    Build a business that is powered by your people, not just you

    There are individuals who have in their mind a dream job just like you have in your mind a dream company. The simple key is matching these people with their dream, together, with your dream. When folks share the same dream, the same imagined future, they pull together as one single culture with shared attitudes and institutions that foster individual growth and buy-in.

    Become the leader you always dreamed you would become.

    Our clients see leadership using a simple perspective.  “You know you are leading when you see someone aligning or turning over, all or part of their future with your future.” Think about that for a second, when have you been led, what did you do? You aligned all or part of your future with your leader’s future.  You bought in.

    This is a practical toolkit that will work in every team and organization that has people. Is this right for me?

    You're hitting goals, your size is close to what you imagined, but you're wondering why it is not as you dreamed.

    Your corporate flywheel feels more like a hamster wheel, you're running out of steam, and ready for a power boost.

    You've invested in peer groups such as Vistage, YPO, or C12 and you are asking "what's next?".

    You've invested in, and implemented an Organizational Operating System like EOS® or Scaling Up and are looking for more ROI.

    You're investing in developing a strong leadership team in the hopes of getting help everyday.

    You know you can be great, but the path is fuzzy.

    Very few people understand how hard and expensive it is to start and maintain a successful business.

    We know exactly what you’re going through. In our 30 years of combined experience, we’ve started and exited companies ourselves. We’ve been fed up with the hassles of in-house politics and people not following through. We’ve felt the frustration of trying to figure out how to fix it.

    Meet your guide, a seasoned Organizational Strategist, facilitating 1,500+ days with leadership teams.

    During the last decade, Walt Brown has helped transform the culture of more than 160 organizations across the country through his work helping companies install effective Organizational Operating Systems, systems that attain and maintain yes to the seven questions. It’s his greatest pleasure to help owners and companies sharpen or even resurrect their original dream culture, to get back the company they always dreamed of having, creating that place they always wanted to work. He loves pedaling along with his clients as they think, plan, execute, then take time to observe, adjust, and reflect as they master the skills necessary to permanently enjoy the fruits of an awesome OOS installation. An OOS installation that leads to them becoming a Certified Patient Organization.

    Learn more about Walt

    “Seasoned multi-company entrepreneur” is one label that has been used to describe Walt over the years.

    Many folks refer to Walt as an entrepreneur, but he insists this is much too generous: “I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur. I consider myself someone who is good at seeing existing patterns and pulling them together in logical ways that people are willing to pay for, then I build teams to serve the pattern.”

    Walt believes that, like a waterwheel (powerful, patient, and versatile), a good Organizational Operating System (OOS) captures the source of an organization’s energy and direction, (humans) and then focuses that energy powering your organization. Walt’s Seven Questions and the tools of your OOS are the buckets on that wheel, the fins on the turbine. If you can keep filling those buckets by aligning everyone to yes on the Seven Questions with your OOS, you will harness incredible energy.

    Walt is seven for seven when it comes to launching and growing new companies. During the last decade, he has helped transform the culture of more than one hundred fifty organizations across the country as an Implementer of an OOS known as the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. It is his greatest pleasure to work with his clients as they think, plan, execute, observe, adjust, and reflect as they master the skills necessary to permanently enjoy the fruits of a Patient Organization.

    One trait that sets Walt’s career apart from others is extreme seasonality. When one is in a seasonal business, two good, bad, and ugly things come with it: 1) The bad and ugly of a seasonal business are extreme cash-flow issues. 2) The good is the off-season when you have time to think, plan, consider a serious change in approach, and then test your execution next season. Walt was cursed but mostly blessed with seasonality, it provided him a unique number of strategic planning reps that honed his understanding of strategic thinking and patience. The built-in patience of those cycles shaped Walt’s business philosophy and his approach to team coaching, which puts patience front and center.

    So you can get a sense of his experience, combined, Walt’s 50 largest business clients have 8711 employees, with average sales per employee of $245,786, their average size is $45.5 Million in revenue per year and combined they are doing over $2.2 Billion in sales. Since becoming Certified Patient Organizations, their employee engagement has consistently risen, employee tenure has increased, and they have doubled their bottom lines and doubled their net free cash flow. Plus they are enjoying life with more freedom. He is typically working with 30 clients across 150 days in a year.

    Walt Brown EOS Implementer and founder of the 7 Question method to measure EOS Implementation effectiveness
    Walt Brown is a published Forbes Books author writing about why EOS works and why EOS fails
    Mercer Stanfield

    President, Brame Specialty Company

    “Becoming a Patient Organization is critical for any company looking to thrive. It changed the way we think, act and is a major catalyst in the growth of our company.”

    Clay Gilbert

    CEO, Thornton Brothers

    “We run our entire company on the 7 Question – 7 Promise Framework™ and the Organizational Cognizance Model™.

    Austin Koon

    Partner, Davis Moore

    I had run a company for over 10 years before first working with Walt, I wish we had met earlier. Every organization should be making sure that their people have clear answers to the 7 Fundamental Questions.

    It’s not an announcement. It’s not theory.

    It’s a practical approach to cultivate buy-in, increase engagement, and create a momentum-machine.  A machine that will turn your company into the dream-team you’ve always wanted. You will learn a practical mindset that  you will use within every team and personnel structure. It is a simple momentum method that discovers and resolves core problems among your most valuable asset: the human beings showing up to work every single day.

    How would it feel to be a top quartile company in employee engagement and increase EBITDA 20%+?

    We partner with hard-working owners and their teams every single day, creating a culture of perpetual momentum so they can wake up and say:

    “This IS the organization I always dreamed of.”

    “These ARE the people I always wanted around me.”

    Sound too good to be true?

    Well, it’s not.

    And it’s so much easier than you think.

    Just make, and keep, a promise to your organization.