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We develop facilitations, write books, create training and build software to help companies,  create cultural and structural clarity and consistency. Clarity and consistency that makes them a fierce competitor.


BITE7® the BITE Index® and OGraph are our flagship offerings.










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Turn your company into the fierce competitor you always dreamed of.

We have a core belief. We believe that an organization is a fiction, a fiction that is only given meaning and power by those who buy-in. If you have 200 people, and 99 buy-in to this and 101 buy-in to that, then you have two organizations. You are already divided.

We want one single organization where everyone buys-in to the same thing.

Cultivate buy-in and maintain perpetual momentum by adding Cultural and Structural clarity and consistency to the Organizational Operating System you already have. Same tools, just a new mindset.

Very few people understand how hard and expensive it is to start and maintain a successful business.

We know exactly what you’re going through. In our years of experience, we’ve started and exited companies ourselves. We’ve been fed up with the hassles of in-house politics and people not following through. We’ve felt the frustration of trying to figure out how to fix it.

Meet our visionary, a seasoned Organizational Strategist, facilitating over 2000 days with CEOs and leadership teams.

During the last two decades, Walt Brown has helped transform the culture of more than 200 organizations across the country through his work helping companies install effective Organizational Operating Systems, systems that  create measurable BITE. 

He still works with companies directly but his passion is training internal and external coaches on his discoveries and methods.

It’s his greatest pleasure to train coaches that help owners and companies sharpen or even resurrect their original dream culture, to get back the company they always dreamed of, creating that place they always wanted to work.

He loves teaching coaches how to pedal along with their clients as they think, plan, execute, and then take time to observe, adjust, and reflect as they master the skills necessary to permanently enjoy the fruits of an awesome OOS installation. An OOS installation that leads to them becoming a Certified Patient Organization.

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“Seasoned multi-company entrepreneur” is one label that has been used to describe Walt over the years.

Many folks refer to Walt as an entrepreneur, but he insists this is much too generous: “I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur. I consider myself someone who is good at seeing existing patterns and pulling them together in logical ways that people are willing to pay for, then I build teams to serve the pattern.”

Walt believes that, like a waterwheel (powerful, patient, and versatile), a good Organizational Operating System (OOS) captures the source of an organization’s energy and direction, (humans) and then focuses that energy powering your organization. Walt’s Seven Questions and the tools of your OOS are the buckets on that wheel, the fins on the turbine. If you can keep filling those buckets by aligning everyone to yes on the Seven Questions with your OOS, you will harness incredible energy.

Walt is seven for seven when it comes to launching and growing new companies. During the last decade, he has helped transform the culture of more than one hundred fifty organizations across the country as an Implementer of an OOS known as the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. It is his greatest pleasure to work with his clients as they think, plan, execute, observe, adjust, and reflect as they master the skills necessary to permanently enjoy the fruits of a Patient Organization.

One trait that sets Walt’s career apart from others is extreme seasonality. When one is in a seasonal business, two good, bad, and ugly things come with it: 1) The bad and ugly of a seasonal business are extreme cash-flow issues. 2) The good is the off-season when you have time to think, plan, consider a serious change in approach, and then test your execution next season. Walt was cursed but mostly blessed with seasonality, it provided him a unique number of strategic planning reps that honed his understanding of strategic thinking and patience. The built-in patience of those cycles shaped Walt’s business philosophy and his approach to team coaching, which puts patience front and center.

So you can get a sense of his experience, combined, Walt’s 50 largest business clients have 8711 employees, with average sales per employee of $245,786, their average size is $45.5 Million in revenue per year and combined they are doing over $2.2 Billion in sales. Since becoming Certified Patient Organizations, their employee engagement has consistently risen, employee tenure has increased, and they have doubled their bottom lines and doubled their net free cash flow. Plus they are enjoying life with more freedom. He is typically working with 30 clients across 150 days in a year.

Walt Brown EOS Implementer and founder of the 7 Question method to measure EOS Implementation effectiveness
Walt Brown is a published Forbes Books author writing about why EOS works and why EOS fails