Your Organizational Operating System maintains the 7 Fundamental Promises™ by serving as a heart that pulses and powers your organization like a reliable and consistent waterwheel. 


At the heart of the Certified 7 Promises Organization™ approach is your Organizational Operating System (“OOS”). 

Your OOS is the system that enables leadership and every individual contributor in your organization to consistently align with and maintain yes to each of the seven questions.

At some level, every company has an OOS, there are organically developed OOS’s and there are popular off the shelf systems like EOS® (Traction®), Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits), Holocracy, 4DX, Rhythm, The Advantage. What they all have in common is a way to help you maintain 7 yeses, and the best leave no gaps. Many as part of their implementations take teams through facilitations that allow leadership to get on the same page with what yes means to each of the 7 Fundamental Questions.™


Do you have an OOS that can answer yes to the 7 Fundamental Questions? We will assess and audit your current systems and processes. 

While this sounds daunting it really is not. It involves doing a heavy lift to map your OOS tools and methods to the 7 Fundamental Promises™. We are EOS Implementers™ so we have provided an example that highlights how specific EOS® tools map back to maintaining the 7 Fundamental Promises™.


  • If you do not have an OOS at your organization, no worries. We will discover that in our initial call and start the journey of installing your OOS.
  • If you are a using popular off the shelf approach we will audit your work to ensure alignment to the 7 Fundamental Questions™.

No OOS? No worries. The 7P sages focus on delivering very pure* EOS® installations that allow you to make and keep your promise.

Over 18-24 months we help you blow the fog away and get permanently on the track to realize your dreamed of organization.

Being Focused Full-time Implementers of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, aka Traction®, is our calling. We help teams from Raleigh, NC to Atlanta, GA  become consistent winners via their mastery of Traction®,

We handle EOS® implementations for any type or size of business or organization. Over the last 11 years, we have enjoyed over 150 implementations and over 12,000 hours in the session room with EOS® clients and have run our own companies on EOS®.

  • We facilitate the EOS® tools and days as taught.
  • Our clients graduate!
  • Graduation means they have mastered the EOS® material
  • Mastery means they can teach it and use it as if they created it themselves.

We don’t milk our client engagements for longer periods. We ask: “Why should we!?” If we focus on teaching the material purely and teach the “why” beneath the material, and, don’t become a crutch, then our clients will master the material faster, gain confidence and they will graduate as masters!


* PURE: a term of art in the EOS® community; sticking to the script; teaching the tools the EOS® way.